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Real life: 1848

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Trinity Universe: 1848


  • 1848-1849: Second Sikh War between the East India Company and the Sikh Empire. After the war ends, the EIC annexes Punjab, consolidating the territory of India as it well enter the Empire.[1]
  • The Cult of the Bear cabal joins the Circle of the Gray Squirrel.[3]
  • This year sees bloody revolts in nearly every nation in Europe, including Britain.[4]
  • In the aftermaths of bloody revolts all across the German Confederation, 51 democrats in Heidelberg decide to meet in Frankfurt to form the first German Parliament, known as the Frankfurt Parliament. Vampire Prince Barbarossa intervenes to keep any attempts of outsider influence out, causing many to suspect that the prince himself wants to manipulate the parliamentaries.[5]
  • Switzerland passes a new Constitution, modeled after the democratic constitution of the United States.[7]
  • Jan van Rensselaer receives his first vision of the divine. He learns he will be the next Messiah, and is shown the Invisible Worlds.[9]


  • March 8: The loyal remnants of the Cabal of Pure Thought implement their "final solution" to disrupt the native practices of Hawai'i: they declare land to be property, to be divided and owned, beginning the Great Mahele. This paradigm shift disrupts the magic of several ali'i.[11]


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