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  • As thousands of their Cherokee Kinfolk are forced out of Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina, many Uktena leave with them. In doing so, they leave many caerns behind unguarded, rather than allow the European Garou that remained to have them. Presumably the removal of the other major nations of the south – the Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, and Seminole – throughout the 1830s sealed the tremendous loss of Kinfolk that the Uktena suffered throughout the Eastern US.[5]
  • During this forced removal of most of the Cherokee Nation, an Uktena werewolf named Singing Water and guardian of the Mammoth's Bone, a tremendously powerful and ancient fetish, dies protecting her Kinfolk; before her death she manages to impart the artifact onto one of her Cherokee Kinfolk and give him a brief history of the fetish and the charge of eventually getting it back into the hands of the Changing Breeds.[6]

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