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The eighteenth century in the World of Darkness.


  • The islands of the south Pacific — including Hawai`i — first come to the attention of European explorers in this century.[1]
  • Until the end of this century, Kali is venerated by ritual strangulation and dismemberment by the Thugs.[2]
  • Classicism becomes popular among Westerners, but is deposed by the romanticists.[3]
  • Jasper Covington of the Children of Gaia acts as impresario and chief marketer for the Age of Enlightenment, which in turn creates democratic governments and freedom movements.[4]
  • This century and sees the rise of a new type of scholar: the artist-engineer.[12]
  • The increasing European hegemony allows the Hippocratic Circle to contact "lost" Cosians elsewhere in the world in order to become a truly global organization.[13]
  • The Dreamspeakers have so splintered in their relations with racist Traditions that by this time fully half of them have returned to their native peoples. This schism results in the demise of many Dreamspeakers, and a rift between Tradition and Council that will not be fully healed even three centuries later.[14]
  • The last European shamanistic tradition, the Lapps, die out in Scandinavia.[16]
  • For a while, European museums, collectors of oddities, and Hermetic mages develop a fascination with shrunken heads from New Zealand.[19]

Early 1700s


Late 1700s

  • German founded Canadian town Lunenburg starts to become prominent. Get of Fenris settle in it.[27]
  • Ishaq Balsara disappears from the Order of Hermes, returning home to care for his parents. Once they die, he begins to call himself ibn-Thoth and returns to the Order.[32]


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