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  • The lord of the House Winter Snow of the Silver Fangs in the Scottish Lowlands demand aid from local Fianna and Get of Fenris to defend against an approaching Black Spiral Dancer invasion that one of his Theurges had foreseen. The Fianna and Fenrir, seeing no evidence of such a threat, refuse; the Lord employs the Silver Crown to dominate the leaders of both tribes into obeying. The Fenrir leader manages to resist its powers, but the Lord responds by slaying the old leader. The Fianna Righ of the area feigned obedience at the meeting, but the army he gathered was not to aid the Silver Fangs in their attack, but to battle their tyranny. On the heels of this bloody inter-tribal conflict a Black Spiral Dancer army did indeed arrive and managed to capture or destroy a number of Caerns.[1]


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