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The 16th century in the World of Darkness.

Events Edit

  • Hernando de Soto arrives in American southwest, subjugating and conquering natives. Native shifters harry Spaniards.[3]
  • Bear dancing begins in the areas of India and Pakistan, degrading the sacred dances of the Gurahl by tormenting their bear kinfolk. Gurahl stop performing ritual dancing, considering it to be profaned.[5]
  • Second War of Rage begins in the New World. Old World Nagah immigrate to the Americas and find Nagah already there, to their surprise. Zuzeka forms.[6]
  • Conquistadors conquer the Americas. Wyrm influenced conquistadors plunder gold of South American empires, as this symbolized the corruption of the purity of the Americas. [7] One of the conquistadors eventually becomes Lord Steel, the Duke of Hate, Maeljin of Abhorra, Urge-Wyrm of Hatred.[8]
  • The Artificers' work in optics is very important to physics in this century.[9]
  • This century sees the rise of many great artist-engineers.[9]
  • An astronomer and associate of Kepler named Faustmann develops the Perpetual Motion Procedure, using it to set in motion a mechanical model of the solar system.[12]
  • Two rival German Adytums, one Catholic and one Lutheran, engage in constant strife over denominational policy. When hearing of a threat posed by the Order of Reason, the two Adytums joined forces long enough to deal with the threat, and then resumed their fighting.[13]
  • Tamerlane's Mughal descendants encourage religious tolerance.[19]
  • Giorgio Vasari associates the Gothic art movement with the Visigoths and accuses them of having destroyed the Classic movement. This is the first known negative connotation of "Gothic".[23]

Early 1500s Edit

  • Franciscan monk Roberto of Aragon begins chronicling the traditions and practises of the tribes they hope to convert to Christianity.[29]

Mid-1500s Edit

  • The Ceilican tribe is erroneously believed to be exterminated. Prior to this, the Bastet had been prosperous for 4000 years. Many Ceilican flee Europe for North America, where they will interbreed with native cats (cougars mostly), all the while pretending to be extinct.[30]

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