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Events Edit

  • 1400 BCE: Thutmosis IV comes to the Sphinx, buried up to its neck in sand. He sleeps and dreams that the Sphinx tells him to free it from the desert sand, and he will be made Pharaoh.[6]

Notes Edit

Various sources state that the rulers involved are Thothmes III and his queen Hatshepsut. However, while Hatshepsut ruled alongside Thothmes III (and was actually the more dominant of the duo), she was not his queen. She was his father's wife (his mother was a minor wife named Isis).

This was likely a typo which perpetuated, and that the ruler in question is actually Thutmose (Thothmes) II. However it's possible in the World of Darkness that things worked a little differently.

Regardless, it seems that Hatshepsut was the real power behind the throne for both Thutmose II and Thutmose III, so in the end the argument is probably academic.

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