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Real life: 1185

Chronicles of Darkness: 1185

World of Darkness: 1185

Trinity Universe: 1185


  • Consuelia, too old for mortal endeavors, takes her belongings from Mistridge and walks up Mount Tierné, never to return.[2]
  • Emperor Andronicus of Constantinople is deposed after the Normans destroy Thessalonika. As a result, the foreigner quarters within the city are torched by an angry mob. Hundreds of vampires meet Final Death in the flames. The Eighth Council of the Trinity is called in response to Venetian calls of reparation. Epirus of the Antonians and Tribonius of the Lexors are sentenced to Final Death as scapegoats. The Latin Quarter becomes independent from the Trinity, with a Venetian delegate as overseer.[3]
  • Persecution of Jews results in the formation of Lavin Knesset Yisroel ("Lions of the People of Israel"), a Kabbalistic society of guardian mages.[4]


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