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Chronicles of Darkness: 1100s

World of Darkness: 1100s

The 12th century in the World of Darkness.


  • 800s-1100s: Cambodia's Angkor period.[1]
  • Thanks to the Crusades, Europeans begin to discover the intellectual heritage of the Muslims, including alchemy.[4][5]
  • The Society of Pymander is founded in Spain.[6]
  • Merchant guilds and trade fairs spring up in Flanders and France.[7]
  • By the end of the century, the Craftmasons have made a lot of progress, but they still encounter opposition from Superstitionists.[7]
  • A band of insane mages lay waste to the Hermetic Covenant of Fuat Drochit in Ireland, turning stones to flowers and setting fire to wells. An account mentions "ravaging marauds like unto the mad, strewing storms like flour in a baker's hovel." When word of the attack reaches House Criamon, the term "Maraud" sticks.[8][9]
  • The Japanese Insei system of "retired" rulers controlling the country lasts into this century.[10]
  • Tantra emerges from Buddhism.[11] The Rasarrnava, a Tantric manuscript dealing with the transmutation of metals, is written.[12]
  • The Mithraic Singers transform themselves into a secret and heretical knightly order, who revere Mitras as an early prophet.[13]
  • The Gothic period of art and architecture overtakes the Classic period.[15]
  • Professor Donald Richardson cites this period as the origin of a series of events leading to the founding of the New World Order.[16]

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