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The second century CE in the World of Darkness.


  • Hermes, the Greek messenger god, is transformed into Hermes Trismegistus, or Hermes the Thrice-Great.[2]
  • Veneration of Mithra transforms into a widespread "mystery religion" throughout the Roman Empire.[3]
  • The Messianic Voices appear as a Christian fringe group within the Sacred Congregation.[4] At the same time, the Sons of Mitras grow in power. By the end of the century, the two faiths are rivals.[5]
  • Lao-Tzu allegedly appears to Chang Tao-ling in a mountain cave. After complaining that demonic influence led the world away from the Tao, Lao-tzu made Chang the first Celestial Master (not related to the Celestial Masters).[6]
  • The archival venture of Flavius Longinus Didacus falls apart.[7]
  • Wyrm corruption appears throughout Pictish Scotland.[citation needed]
  • A pack of White Howlers attack the pit where the Beast-of-War appeared from, but are dragged down and corrupted into Black Spiral Dancers instead.[citation needed]


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