(Legion) is a psychic affliction that takes up the shape of a Legacy that mainly infects Guardians of the Veil. Victims of (Legion) (the name is unofficial and used by other Guardians to describe their wayward brethren) have lost themselves in the Masques and use other souls to escape their own guilt and remorse (thus qualifying them as Reapers). Given their particular connection to the Arcanum of Mind, Mastigos are especially vulnerable to fall prey to (Legion). Members of (Legion) usually manifest the Mind Arcanum, as well as the Death Arcanum.


Members of (Legion) are in acute denial of the consequences of their actions- according to them, not they kill, stalk and steal, but the souls within them. (Legion) mages strive to be the perfect image of their Order- a shadow without an identity devoted only to its task. Members abandon their names, personal tastes and other marks of individuality as the affliction grows more severe. They pretend to be at peace and blame their emotions on stolen selves. Like a rough rock smoothed by the ocean, (Legion) mages lose the edges and cracks in their characters. With no need to define themselves by need or aspiration, they erode into beings of pure purpose, without reason or distraction—or fulfillment. As the mage progresses, he loses both Virtue and Vice.


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