For the article on the psi order from Trinity, see Æsculapian Order.
Name: Æsculpian
Plural: Æsculpians
Pronunciation: ay-skuhl'-pee-uhn ohr'-duhr
Faction: Technocratic Union

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History Edit

Early History Edit

Dark Ages Edit

Renaissance Edit

Victorian Age Edit

In 1851, the Hippocratic Circle, and the larger Order of Reason, underwent reorganization and emerged as the Technocratic Union. The Circle were re-christened as the Æsculpian Order.

This will last until the later years of the 19th century, when the Union overhauls itself yet again. The Æsculpians became the Progenitors.

Organization Edit

Guilds Edit

  • physicians and scientists
  • surgeons
  • chemists and apothecaries
The creator of the Order, Bryan Armor, says the following:
The Æsculpians' factions would've been, IIRC, physicians and scientists (eventually becoming the Mutagentic Engineers), surgeons (eventually the FACADE Engineers), and chemists and apothecaries (eventually becoming the Pharmacopoeists). (I don't remember any names any of them might have had.)
Most VA methodologies would probably just be period versions of the modern ones in some way, like the group that would be the foundation for the FACADE Engineers being made up of surgeons. (In the 19th century, you have doctors/physicians who usually deal entirely in the realms of theory and cassual observasion, and below them in status are the surgeons, who actually cut into and sew up the human (or animal) body, and below that is apothecaries, who work with drugs and compounds.

Background Information Edit

  • The creator of the Order, Bryan Armor, says that the Æsculpian Order was indeed named after the Æsculapian Order from Trinity.
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