For the entry on the early faction within the Technocratic Union, see Æsculpian Order.
Name: Æsculapian
Plural: Æsculapians
Pronunciation: ay'-skyoo-lah'-pee-uhn ohr'-duhr
Nicknames: docs, rexs
Proxy: Dr. Matthiew Zweidler, MD.
Aptitude: vitakinesis

The Æsculapian Order (also referred to as A/O) is one of eight Psi Orders in the Trinity era. As with the other psi orders, the A/O was founded in 2103 by one of the eight proxies — specifically, Proxy Dr. Matthiew Zweidler, MD.

Members of the Order are often referred to as Æsculapians. Since this is a mouthful, they're more commonly called vitakinetics (after their Aptitude), docs (because they're generally doctors of some sort), or rexs (because of the medical community's standard Rx symbol).

Headquartered at the Montressor Clinic in Basel, Switzerland, the A/O's home geographical area is the European Commonwealth. The Order's Prometheus Chamber is located in the Clinic, and triggers latents to the vitakinesis Aptitude.


Early Years Edit

Recent History Edit

The Æsculapian Order has endured some scandal of late, as several key high-ranking members of it hierarchy were revealed to be engaged in an endeavor called the Huang-Marr Biorg Project. The purpose of the project was to inject taint into bioware, and then inject that bioware into neutral "volunteers." Theoretically, this would finally create warriors on a level playing field with Aberrants.

The Biorg Project, or the "Huang-Marr Conspiracy" as it was later dubbed, came to public attention during United Nation trial hearings. The Order is still reeling from the attention, particularly as they all get painted with the same negative brush, despite most docs never having heard of the Biorg Project.

The Future Edit

Organization Edit

The Order is divided into two entities, separated by ideological and geological differences.

The Basel group are more stereotypical rexs, being more logical and scientific-minded. They are largely concerned with procedure, and treating their patients as "patients," not human beings, so as to remain properly objective.

The other group is headquartered in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This group takes a more holistic approach to medicine. They practice yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, and the like. They empathize with their patients and make a special effort to make them comfortable and feeling like people.

Besides this ideological split, the order has several key departments:

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