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Founded in 1923 by Maxwell Anderson Mercer, the Æon Society is a benevolent organization dedicated to the betterment of mankind. Beginning as a gentlemen's club, by the time of the Trinity Era, the Æon Trinity is, directly or indirectly, the most powerful organization in settled space.

Adventure! Era

Æon Society for Gentlemen, circa 1923.

Maxwell Mercer and his friends Whitley Styles and Michael Daemon Donighal established the Æon Society for Gentlemen as a loose organization of Inspired adventurers. With the world transformed by the Hammersmith Incident, Æon's adventurers — including Annabelle Lee Newfield, Jake Stefokowski, "Safari" Jack Tallon, and Professor Benjamin Franklin Dixon — fought a variety of villains.

The Society was dealt a severe blow shortly before World War II when Newfield betrayed Æon and died for it, the first of the Society's founders to die. It was struck again in 1943 when Donighal split from the Society (spurred by Newfield's death), resulting in a dramatic battle between "Dr. Primoris" and his former colleagues, as whose climax Donighal vanished (eventually to re-emerge as Divis Mal). A few years later, Maxwell Mercer disappeared, to be succeeded by his "son" Michael Maxwell Mercer.

Aberrant Era

Æon Society, circa 2008.

By the early 21st century, the Æon Society (having removed the "for Gentlemen" appellation) had grown in leaps and bounds, albeit somewhat further from Max Mercer's original ideals.

Shortly after the Galatea explosion, the Æon Society created a number of "projects," whose goal was to examine various aspects of super-normal existence. The projects were initially under the directorship of Margaret Mercer, the daughter of Michael Mercer, but after a few months, all except Pandora and the Babel Dossier were given to others to run.


Aberrant War

Sometime during or after the Aberrant War, possibly following the Crash, the Æon Society underwent an internal reorganization and renamed itself the Æon Covenant, possibly to act as a post-War aid agency. It shortly underwent another reorganization as the Æon Trinity.

Trinity Era

Æon Trinity, circa 2120.

In the 22nd Century, the Æon Trinity is a critical power throughout the world, sponsoring a variety projects including charity efforts throughout Europe and the Federated States of America. The Trinity also serves as an interface between the Psi Orders and the rest of the world. Psions from the various orders also work with the Trinity on combined missions.


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