"The Beautiful Lady", commonly referred to as Jane Doe, is the late victim of Bishopsgate inmate John Bennings. Due to her connection to Bennings, information regarding her case has largely been found by attending physician Doctor Harris.


As might be indicated by the appellation used for her, little is known of Jane Doe, bar that she seems to be connected to an individual that Bennings recognizes by the name Higgins. The sourcebook provides three potential explanations for her nature:

  • Option One: Jane Doe was a being known as a Promethean, individuals created by a demiurge, against the very nature of the world. As such, these beings, Jane Doe included, incur a supernatural hatred in all those around them, including the world itself. Bennings was struck by this hatred, called Disquiet, feeling compelled to end her life. Due to his describing her as beautiful, if this is the case, Jane Doe is likely a Galatea, and Higgins, also one of the Created, is her demiurge.
  • Option Two: Jane Doe was one of the akathartoi, demons from the rather enigmatic realm known only as Hell. Bennings recognized that this being was only riding in Jane Doe’s body and burned the akathartos out of it. Unfortunately, it invaded the man’s dreams, stripping him of his knowledge. The demon taunts Bennings from within its newest body, which goes by the name Higgins.
  • Option Three: There is nothing supernatural about the case. Bennings is a paranoid schizophrenic who became obsessed with a homeless woman who had the misfortune of crossing his path. His continued delusions are caused by a resistance to the medication he is being given.


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