Der Assamite Kukri Dagger ist ein Dolch, der am 23. April 2004 von White Wolf auf den Markt gebracht wurde. Es handelt sich bei ihm tatsächlich um eine wirkliche echte Waffe mit scharfer Klinge.

Der Dolch ist heutzutage sehr selten und viel wert. Der Neupreis betrug etwa 200 Dollar[1] oder Euro[2]; heutige Preise reichen von 150[3] bis über 300 Dollar.[4]


Dangerous Finesse
With footsteps silenced by the power of the Blood, the Assamites creep from shadows to slay their enemies. The Assamites are no thuggish brutes; finesse marks their assassinations. This stylish, effective blade is the favored weapon of Clan Assamites caste of zealous killers.
A Dagger in the Night
This Assamite Kukri Dagger is manufactured for White Wolf by ProCut. Each dagger is intricately engraved with Assamite symbols and markings. This dagger is not a toy. It is a real weapon with a razor-sharp edge.
A Pointed Reminder
From The Mind's Eye Theatre: NO WEAPONS. No matter how careful you are. Whether it's to prevent some fool from skewering himself on your new dagger, or to make sure the police don't think you're a threat, weapons of any sort are forbidden. Even fake or toy weapons, trained attack gerbils or laser pens are not allowed. Use item cards instead.
Wait, the tradition of disclaimers continues for those who will inevitably need it: This is a weapon. It is not a toy. Check your local ordinances. Be Careful. Do not hurt yourself or anyone else with it. Note that the Mind's Eye Theatre rules specifically prohibit bringing this weapon into the game, yep right there in big capital letters.



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